One Last Hurrah (I hope)

OK. I’ll admit it. Paris is beautiful in the snow, and Paris is beautiful when it is adorned in icicles. Never mind the fact that it’s, eh hem, the middle of March.

Here is Paris lately—make sure to wear your snow shoes.

rooftopsFontaine 1 Fontaine 2 Fontaine 3Blvd Montparnasse

Apparently, I chose the best year to move to Paris. According to le Parisien, this winter has been the worst France has seen in several decades. Snow, ice, record-breaking temperatures. Will spring ever come?

Death of a Cactus

Naturally I blame this worst-winter-ever for killing Luz, my darling cactus. She started out so happy and plump and green. Now she is withered and buried in snow.

Rue de Rennes

No matter! Spring must surely be on its way now, and if not, I have posts from my trip to Italy and my Of Monsters and Men concert to share with you (eventually). And if that isn’t enough to make you—and me— smile, then I don’t know what is.

Stay tuned! It’s been busy around here, but I’ll get back to the blog soon enough!

Smiles and all the best,





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2 responses to “One Last Hurrah (I hope)

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  2. Cool pictures! Sorry about Luz. I was just in Boston and there was a blizzard and so I bought some good snow boots because I’m applying to be in Paris next year and I was figuring I would need them. But then I started to wonder if I really would. So this is comforting.


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